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I had been in Switzerland for more than 3 years when I met Ines and at a turning point in my professional career. As an expat and a young mother, I felt this turn was actually hard to take and I needed guidance. When we sat down together, she really helped me take a fresh look on my abilities, skills and goals in life. Even though I had gone over my CV with various advisers before, it was the first time that I came out from a talk feeling confident, knowing exactly what I had to do and why. As opposed to counselors who would just tell you what to do, she manages to have you find out for yourself what is best. I especially enjoyed her holistic approach and how she was able to interpret what I would say on different levels – professional, personal, psychological, and quickly make sense of it, keeping the big picture in mind and helping me see to it clearly. Talking with Ines proved to be a defining step for me, in a few hours it clarified my perspective and from then on I knew I had someone I could really trust to help me make decisions. A few months later I got several job offers and I could choose what best suited my needs and wants.
Film Programmer/ Upper school teacher at an International School
I’ve known Inés since 2015 as Project Head for the Swiss Long Night of Careers (LNoC), and amazing Career Coach and I daresay she is not only an efficient project leader, but also a caring colleague, good listener, and inspiring coach. While she was coordinating the LNoC – an event co-organized by more than a dozen universities in Switzerland – she was also leading and supporting a large number of student project leads (like me at the time) responsible for the local activities at ETH during the LNoC. Throughout the preparation and during the event, I got to know her as a leader that always has an open ear and is keen on helping out wherever she can, constantly looking out for others and guaranteeing a good experience for everyone in the team. Throughout the time since I also had the opportunity to profit from a career coaching session with Inés and kept on a regular exchange with her. Already expecting constructive and intelligent advice, I still came out amazed by how she could make me overthink my previous choices and help me optimize my future path. I really hope our paths will cross again sometime soon.
Jesko Müller Testimonial
Digital Infrastructure Consultant in IT Consulting Industry
Long Night of Career Inés Constantin
Inés Constantin Kleven Opening Speech at ETH Zurich Long Night of Careers 2014

In 2014 and 2015 I was the Project Head for the Swiss Long Night of Careers (LNoC). The Long Night of the Career was the first career event of it’s kind and is still being carried out in Switzerland until today. Organized by 7 German Swiss universities initially, the event attracted more than 3000 students at the hosting schools. In 2015 over 12 universities carried out the LNoC all over Switzerland.
Key Competences during my project lead time:
• Project Lead of LNoC Switzerland
• Development of LNoC concept overall in project team consisting of UZH, HSG, HSLU, ETHZ
• Coordination of 7 (2014) and 12 (2015) universities
• Finances
• Sponsoring