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With more than 16 years of experience in career coaching, employer branding and project management I help:

academics and professionals find their dream job

companies attract and hire top employees

managers successfully complete projects

My value-added insight is that success is a combination of confidence and structure. This insight enables me to develop my framework and allows me to guide my clients to achieve their goals.

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At all stages of business, whether a young start-up, a small enterprise or a large corporation, my expert support can guide you. My services are customized to your organizational needs because I fully understand the challenges of running a business and I can be with you each step of the way toward your business goals.

With your growth ambitions at the forefront of my practice, my extensive methodological and social skills mean that positive results are just around the corner.

Project Management

? Do you feel that you are not effectively managing your time due to missing resources?

? Do you feel your output is not ideal?

? Are you recognized for your true potential within your company?

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? Are you struggling to find qualified and fitting professionals?

? Are you paying too much for agencies to find the right employees, who then turn out to be unfit for your company?

? Are you unhappy with the way your Employer Brand reflects your values and your company?

? Do you attract employees that are not a good fit for your company?

If YES, then you should get in touch with me!


? Do you feel lost when it comes to your career development?

? Are you struggling to get out of your current position and are unclear about possible next steps?

? Are you frustrated with your applications or have you not made it to the final round in an interview process?

? Do you want to feel fulfilled and happy in your career, instead of passively accepting whatever comes next?

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Coach, Consultant and Project Manager

My capabilities as a strong communicator, and as an impassioned and decidedly creative manager, go back a very long time. It was as a student speaker in middle school, that I found I was able to inspire and lead my fellow pupils and implement new ideas and projects.

For over 16 years, I have understood how to motivate people in a charming, humorous, and authentic way. Before starting my own business, I was at the helm of career advising at ETH Zurich, one of the world’s most prestigious science and technology universities.

In my roles as Project Manager and Careers Advisor, and as Deputy Head of the ETH Career Center, I helped young talent and alumni find rewarding and fulfilling positions in national and international organizations.

In 2014, I was the Project Lead for the newly created “Long Night of Careers” event, part of the Swiss Universities’ Career Services Network, developed to enable networking, and assist candidature skills between students, alumni, and potential employers. In this position, I lead a team from four universities who were involved in the development of the overall concept. Additionally, I led the Financial and Sponsorship aspects of the project. Under my leadership, the LNoC grew from 7 to 12 universities. Today the LNoC is held annually at over 10 universities throughout Switzerland.

In 2009 and 2010, I was Global Head of University Relations at ALSTOM Power, where I worked to develop global Employer Branding strategies to attract the right talent.

Finally, my high school degree came from the technical high school in Waldshut, Germany.

My love for technology, and a technical environment, ignited the flame that set the stage for my life and my business today:

I’m combining my learned knowledge acquired through various university degrees and certifications, fluency in 4 languages, and my experience working with people in both projects and coaching positions, especially in technical environments, together with my passionate, creative personality to push limits, surpass possibilities and achieve results.

Whether you have a project that’s ready to fly and just needs wings, or it’s your own career that you are perfectly qualified for and can’t find a pathway to fast track, or perhaps you’re at a crossroads with your business and looking for direction, let’s talk, whatever your need together we can create a plan and build a solution.

Professional Certifications
Applied Coaching Degree 2020 in Individual Psychology/ GPI® 2020
«ZRM®» Trainer – Resource-activating Self Management with the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM) 2015/2016
Business Model You® Practitioner  2015
HR as Career Counsellor 2010
First Level Coaching 2009
European Master in Media, Communications and Cultural Studies, Universities of Kassel, Germany and University of Florence, Italy, 2006
Bachelor of Arts in English, Italian and Intercultural Communications, University of Mannheim, Germany and University of Palermo, 2004


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